Tsum Circuit Trek with Manaslu

Duration: 26 Days

Trip Overview

  • Destination: Nepal
  • Max Elevation: 5134 meters
  • Best Season: Spring / Autumn
  • Total Duration: 26 Days
  • Trip Grade: 3

Tsum Valley is one of the most remote valleys in Nepal. Its remoteness has both positive and negative aspects. Due to its remoteness, it remains a true exploring site for tourists on the one hand and on the other hand, it is hard for the traveler to reach here due to its remoteness. Despite its remoteness, Tsum valley is very good and pleasant tourist sites due to its different landscape, an ancient cultural site with ancient history and it is off beaten path.

Tsum valley situated in the Manaslu region, a completely different from its neighboring communities, on the border between Nepal and Tibet, was a restricted area until 2008. Thus, it relatively fewer treks.

The Tsum valley trek with Manaslu takes you to the plain land of Tsum, through the trail passes through pine forests covered with flowers of different colors along the riverbank of Gandaki with cascading waterfalls and breath-taking bridges. The trek leads you to the plain valley of Tsum with its fascinating Mani walls, gompas, stupas, settlements and the Milarepa cave.

On the way, you will be traveling through the cool trail with the shadows of mountain range Himalchuli (7,893m), Ganesh Himal (7,140m), Manaslu (8,163m), and Churke Himal, etc. These mountain ranges will never leave us until we complete this trek. Tsum valley offers the traveler a chance to witness Tibetan Buddhist people, preserving and promoting their culture through the different festivals and religious activities carried out by monks and nuns here.

Tsum Valley Trek Highlights

  • Panoramic views of mountain-like Himchuli, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Churke Himal
  • Explore the ancient culture of Tibetans with Buddhists monasteries, Chortens, Milarepa cave, etc.
  • Encounter with a unique way of living of people and lamas.
  • Diverse in landscape and variety of plants and animals.
  • Life of remoteness.


  • Day 01 - Arrival in Katmandu (1,337m)

    After you land at Tribhuwan International Airport in Katmandu, our representatives who will then assist you to transfer to your hotel will receive you. After check-in, we will have a short briefing of your trek. The remaining time is free for independent activities. You can relax or have an evening stroll around the city at your own leisure.

    O/N: Hotel

  • Day 02 - Kathmandu sightseeing and trek preparation

    While our staff prepares your trek permits, we will take a tour of Kathmandu. This ancient city has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We will first visit Kathmandu Durbar Square, which used to be the palace of the rulers of ancient Kathmandu. We will then take you to Pashupatinath Temple, one of the most sacred Hindu temples in the world. Next, we will visit Boudhanath Stupa, one of the largest and unique stupas in the world. Take some time to immerse yourself in the spiritual vibes of Boudhanath after which we will head back to the hotel. You will then meet your guide for trek briefing.

    O/N: Hotel

  • Day 03 - Drive to Maccha Khola (900m) – Approx. 9 hrs

    We will drive west of Kathmandu to reach Macca Khola, the starting point of our trek. We will be driving along the Kathmandu-Pokhara Highway, leave the highway and follow the banks of Budhi Gandaki River for most of the day. Brace yourself near the end as the road at that point is rural and gets very bumpy. We will reach Maccha Khola, a small settlement on the trailhead, at late evening that day. 

    O/N: Lodge

  • Day 04 - Trek to Jagat (1350m) – Approx 8 hrs

    After breakfast, we will begin today’s trek upward along the gorge and river. We will eventually cross Tharo Khola, reach Khorlabesi and continue northward passing through natural hot springs at Tatopani. Keep an eye out for Langoor Monkeys that roam the region. We will cross multiple suspension bridges, pass the settlement of Dobhan and finally reach Jagat, a neatly flagstoned Gurung village. You will be required to verify your trekking permits at the check post. It is the beginning of the restricted region.

    O/N: lodge

  • Day 05 - Trek to Lokpa (2240m) – Approx 7 hrs

    As you leave Jagat, you are confronted with a suspension bridge of Budi Gandaki. Crossing the
    bridge over the rapids of the river will provide you with a highly daunting experience. This is
    exactly the point in the trek when you enter the entrance to the hidden valley of Tsum.
    To get to the destination of Lokpa, located at the altitude of 2240m, will take you to 6-7 hours
    of trekking through the unstoppable splendid sights and off-beaten pathway

    O/N: Lodge

  • Day 06 - Trek to Chumling (2386m) Approx 7 hrs

    It takes around 7 hours to reach Chumling from lokpa. As you start entering the valley, you will witness the majesty of the peaks like Ganesh Himal and Baudha Himal. You will be passing through old Manis and stupa.

    O/N: lodge

  • Day 07 - Trek to Chokhangparo (3031m) Approx 6 hrs

    The climate starts changing as we go higher as a change in its landscape. We are now heading to the upper part of Tsum valley. The weather is mostly chilly now onwards as we are heading across a rocky path to the height of 3031m.  If there is something that attracts tourists, is the way the people here welcome you in their cultural way. The magnificent views on the trail is something you will remember forever.

  • Day 08 - Trek to Nile (3361m) Approx 6 hrs

    Walking for 6 hours from the Chokhangparo, we will get to the village of Nile that lies at the height of 3361m from the sea level. You will really admire the uniqueness of this area due to the presence of ancient gompas and Chorten on our way. The trail through the natural beauties is really paradise. Crossing rocky up and down the path through the dense forest, we will reach the village of Nile.

    O/N: lodge

  • Day 09 - Trek to Mu Gumpa (3700m) Approx 5 hrs

    Today we head to one of the most famous tourist site in Tsum valley; the Mu Gonpa, which lies at the height of 3700m from sea level carrying the very old history of Buddhism and culture if civilization there. Walking for about 4 to 5 hours from the Nile, we will get to the Mu Gonpa, which is the highest visiting point of Tsum valley. Exploring the stone-made stupas, monasteries, stone carving and old wall painting is the reward we get from here.

    O/N: lodge

  • Day 10 - Day trip around Mu gumpa Approx 6 hrs

    Mu gompa has carried such a history that exploring an hour is not enough. We need to spend one whole day to explore the beauties of this beautiful charming area. Exploring such ancient things, you will be taking back to the age of primitive society, which will not only enrich your trek but also your soul. Along with this, you will explore a beautiful environment including the stunning Himalayas as well. We are sure you will admire the remote settlement of friendly people.

    O/N: lodge

  • Day 11 - Mu Gonpa to Chokhang paro via Milarepa cave

    Now it's our time to descend down through every trail we have taken. We are descending from the highest point of Tsum valley trek to downward to continue our trek to the region of Manaslu. It takes us about 6 to 7 hours to reach the Chokhang Paro from Mu Gonpa. Before descending down by visiting Milarepa Cave, which is one of the main rewards of our trek to Tsum valley. The cave is believed to be the meditation place for the great saint Milarepa, the great magician saint of Buddhism. We suggest you behave properly. Besides visiting, other activities like throwing garbage anywhere and touching everywhere are strictly prohibited. The village people really mean this great cave. You may take pictures as the area is naturally beautiful and the long prayer flags hanging from the above make it more attractive.

    O/N: lodge

  • Day 12 - Chekhangparo to Gumpa Lodang (3200) m Approx 7 hrs

    We will descend back to Gonpa Lodang, which will take around 7 hours from Chokhangparo. The Gonpa itself carries long old history and the priest there will give us holy information about the monastery.

    O/N: lodge

  • Day 13 - Gumpa Lodang to Lokpa (2240m) Approx 7 hrs

    Be careful! A descend becomes steeper as we walk to Lokpa from the Gonpa Lodang. It takes around 7 hours to reach there. We will follow the same path we have taken. Enjoy your day.

    O/N: lodge

  • Day 14 - Trek to Pewa (1800m) Approx 7 hrs

    It is the end of our trek to Tsum valley and from today onward, we will start another classic trek; that’s to say trek to Manaslu region crossing Larke pass.

    From Lokpa, we first descend for about 3 hours to reach the junction at a point, indicating the way down to Kathmandu and up towards the Manaslu region. We then take our path through upwards descending until we reach a suspension bridge and after crossing the bridge, we ascend the trail amid the forest through the riverbank of Budi Gandaki. The sound of the river flowing hard downward makes us unable to hear each other.  Then we will reach to a village under the high hill covered will very tall pine trees: Pewa, where we will stay tonight.

    O/N: guesthouse

  • Day 15 - Trek to Bihi Phedi (2500m) Approx 7 hrs

    After our breakfast, we will start today's trek by taking an easy walk to the village of Dang. Its easy walk of an hour from dang until we reach a long bridge and after crossing bridge, we need to ascend a steep for few hours up to the village of Rana. The steep is difficult but you will really enjoy the trek, as you will see mount Ganesh behind you and Mount Manaslu in front of you. Walking an easy walk Rana for around 3 to 4 hours we will reach the village of BIHI Phedi. We will witness some settlement high above the hill under the clouds that you only have seen in movies. We will rest at Bihi Phedi tonight.

    O/N: guesthouse

  • Day 16 - Trek to Namrung (2650m) – Approx 8 hrs

    After breakfast, we will continue the trail, cross Budhi Gandaki River. The trail follows the river upstream through a dense forest and leads to a narrow gorge. A beautiful trail passes through thick pinewoods, bamboos and rhododendron forests during spring. This rewarding part of the walk is a magnificent way to experience the Manaslu Conservation Area. At the end of the forested trails lies the village of Namrung.

    O/N: Lodge

  • Day 17 - Trek to Syala (3,500m) – Approx 7 hrs

    After leaving Namrung, we will first reach the settlement of Li Village. The mountains start getting closer. Mt Manaslu and neighboring peaks seem within our grasp. Moving forward, we will reach the village of Shyo and Lho. These Buddhist villages offer stunning views of surrounding mountains. We can also see people engaged in traditional economic activities like cattle rearing and agriculture. After resting for a while, we will head to the village of Syala, which can be reached within two hours.

    O/N: Lodge

  • Day 18 - Trek to Pungen Glacier and Sama Gaun (3,499m) – Approx. 5 hrs

    By this point, we are at high altitude and need to take our trekking slow to acclimatize and get adequate rest. From our place of stay at Syala, we can reach today’s destination Sama Gaun within an hour. Instead, we can make a side excursion to Pungen Glacier, which is not far and offers us a very close up view of Mt. Manaslu. We will first explore the village of Syala, head towards Pungen Glacier and then follow the lateral moraine of Pungen Glacier towards Sama Gaun.

    O/N: Lodge

  • Day 19 - Rest day for acclimatization, side excursion to Birendra Lake

    Early in the morning, we will make a side excursion to Birendra Lake. Mt. Manaslu is the closest from here! We will be back in the hotel within two hours and have breakfast. You can explore this beautiful village for the rest of the day.

    O/N: Lodge

  • Day 20 - Trek to Samdo (3,850m) – Approx 4 hrs

    After breakfast in Sama Gaun, we will follow the small stream of Gandaki and pass through several Mani walls. The route is close to the Tibetan border and offers amazing mountain views. We will finally reach Samdo, a small settlement with around 40 houses. This is one of the highest all-season settlements in Nepal where around 200 people live amid the most severe conditions of nature.

    O/N: Lodge

  • Day 21 - Trek to Dharmashala (4,460m) – Approx 4 hrs

    We will leave Samdo after breakfast. Keep in mind that this is another adventurous day at high altitude. Be mindful of any symptom of altitude sickness. We can walk slowly across the rugged terrains while enjoying stunning views of the mountain range. Continuing further, we will arrive at our destination Dharamshala. You will have plenty of time for acclimatization and relaxation. 

    O/N: Lodge

  • Day 22 - Larke La Pass (5,160m) - Bhimtang (3,760m) -- Approx 10 hrs

    This day, we will be walking the highest point of the trail – Larke La Pass (5160m). It is quite challenging due to narrow paths and snow-covered trails but still doable. We will have to start very early and make a gradual climb to Cho Danda and then go steeply uphill towards the pass. The stunning views from the pass make the challenge and difficulties worthwhile. We get clear views of Himlung Himal (7,126m,) Cheo Himal, Kang Guru (7,010m) and Annapurna II (7937m). After spending some time at the top, we will descend through a long and steep downhill trail towards Bhimtang.

    O/N: Lodge

  • Day 23 - Trek to Goa (2515m) – Approx 7 hrs

    After breakfast, we will keep descending on the trail through pine and rhododendron forests and then cross a bridge over Dudh Khola River. The stunning views will continue as we walk through terraced fields. Teahouses along the route are welcoming and comfortable as we eventually reach Goa.

    O/N: Lodge

  • Day 24 - Trek to Tal (1725m) – Approx 6 hrs

    Leaving Goa, we will reach Tilje in an hour. Following the trail downstream of Marsyangdi River, we will pass through scattered villages, reach Dharapani and continue to Tal village for an overnight stay.

    O/N: Lodge

  • Day 25 - Drive to Kathmandu (1300m) – Approx 10 hrs

    From Tal, we will board a jeep and drive to Besisahar through the bumpy track. After lunch at Besisahar, we will have an easy drive to Kathmandu. After arriving, we will check in to a comfortable hotel in the capital for much-needed rest from this tiring yet extremely memorable trip.

    O/N: Hotel

  • Day 26 - Departure day / Closing our program

    Our Manaslu Circuit trek has come to an end and now its departure day. You can visit nearby places, indulge in last hour shopping and prepare for departure. We will drive you to Tribhuwan International Airport two hours prior to your flight time. Then comes the final departure with lots of memories.

Included in the Cost

  • Airport pickups and drops
  • Guided city tour in Kathmandu
  • Meals and accommodation in Kathmandu as per the itinerary
  • Bottled water
  • Related trekking permits
  • Medical kit (carried by your trek leader)

Not included in the cost

  • International flights
  • Nepali visa fee
  • Extra day/night meals and accommodation in Kathmandu than the scheduled itinerary
  • Travel and rescue insurance
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, hard or soft drinks, laundry service, trekking gears, etc.)
  • Tips

Sharable expenses (shared among the number of people in trekking groups)

  • Experienced and licensed English-speaking guide
  • Porter service
  • Transportation (Jeep and Emergency Helicopter Chatter)
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