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Namaste and welcome to Nepal - the land of Himalayas!

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It is paradise on earth, nothing less! Discover unparalleled combination of natural beauty and cultural richness in this Himalayan nation. Explore myths and mountains, the Himalayas and their history and learn more about caste and culture, magic and mantras, meditation and mindfulness, and festivals and fairy tales!

All this richness comes from its diverse geography – the highest Himalayas in the north, fertile plains in the south and sub-alpine forested hills in between. And each region has its own unique lifestyle, culture, customs and traditions!

It is a cradle of Hinduism, and birthplace of Buddhism. It is a perfect example of achieving religious and cultural harmony, of people from diverse races, ethnicities, cultures and languages living together in harmony.

Come to challenge and explore some of the most difficult trails on Earth with Mt. Everest, the highest point on earth, as your witness! Step up onto the giant peaks and reach new heights! Test your trekking prowess and spirit for exploration and discovery!

And with Mahasukha Treks as your travel partner, you can also change somebody’s life while enjoying your adventures. The funds we spend on your behalf go straight into putting children in school, building homes and supporting small businesses of community members. Likewise, all the profit goes to the welfare of underprivileged children and Buddhist communities in need.